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From our initial idea of a community support group a few weeks ago to what we have achieved so far with over a hundred volunteers on the ground, a central village call centre, a growing network of over 300 people needing our help on our books and thousands of prescription orders, food supplies and errands run so far, we are blown away how quickly this has escalated.

Thanks to all our Pewsey Community Coronavirus Assistance volunteers who have selflessly given their precious free time to help out in the community. There aren’t enough words in my vocabulary to express my gratitude to each and every one of them. From everyone in HQ answering calls and emails all day every day, to the hundreds of volunteers with boots on the ground, to our amazing community marshals down at Boots every day keeping order and triaging the queue, to our Food and Meds teams delivering essential supplies to the most vulnerable in our community, to The Little Lunch Box for allowing us to take over the cafe and for their generosity and to everyone behind the scenes working day in and day out to make this work. 

We’re Looking for Donations!

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Local businesses have given us their services free of charge, Hightrees Organisation Limited have set up our new call system and TEA Websites set us up online, Wessex Print Centre have done our flyers, ID cards and have been there around the clock to assist us when we need them, Kath Shaw at Biteback has made up batches of hand sanitiser from raw ingredients for our teams, Siobhan Boyle Photography has taken everyone’s photos and signed them up as volunteers and Sunvise have made our arm tags and face masks.

We have pushed our MP to involve the army to assist with the production of medicine as Boots are critically understaffed and unable to produce the demand for life saving medicines. We are on the front line making sure everyone who urgently needs medicine to keep them alive, gets it on time. We collect and deliver every day.

Pewsey Parish Council and Wiltshire Council are supporting us. 

We’re Looking for Donations!

See how you can help

The generosity of the community has been overwhelming. We have someone donating around a 100 litres of milk every morning and hundreds of eggs are delivered each week. Groceries are coming in daily from the community who can spare them and our food bank is now fully stocked ready to go out to everyone who needs it for free.

PCCA Universal Basic Resource plan is now underway. Our aim is to provide a basic food and milk parcel to everyone in our community who needs it, to deliver essential medication to the most vulnerable in our communities, we are talking to government everyday to push legislation and budget decisions so those without income due to the lockdown are compensated, for private landlords to be compensated and to ensure renters with no income get the same holiday as those with mortgages. For utility cooperations to offer a break from payments until our community are properly compensated and are able to pay.

PCCA are strengthening measures to ensure a poverty pandemic doesn’t hit our area in the coming months. 

Together as a community we will get through this.

We have some big ideas in place and we are now asking for your help.   We are asking those in our community who can afford to help, for monetary donations towards our Food Fund. We have already had very generous amounts donated into the PCCA Parish Council account which is used to buy wholesale food which we deliver to those in need.

We would also like to ask local farmers for help to start the PCCA Community Farming initiative so we can grow food locally and share it. We are asking for access to a field to utilise as a community farm for growing essential fresh produce by the communities in and around Pewsey covering nine zones from Burbage to Upavon, Clench Common to Everleigh.

If you can generously help with monetary donations for our UBR Plan, land for our Community Farming Initiative and by sharing our call for help amongst your networks then we would be eternally grateful.

Stay safe,

Phil Brady Head of PCCA

We’re Looking for Donations!

See how you can help